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Nu•yar Business Consulting

Nu•yar is a no-nonsense business consulting company uniquely focused on growth. We work with committed business owners and executive teams who want to dig deep and take their business to the next level. By asking the tough questions, we work with you to identify strategies to overcome challenges.

Michelle Neujahr, MBA

Goal-oriented and laser-focused.

An energetic entrepreneur and brass-tacks business person, Michelle Neujahr is an objective advisor who is uniquely qualified and particularly experienced in strategic planning, process development, team building, and business development.


“I would recommend Michelle to anyone looking to make a positive change in their organization.”
– HR Manager, Procter & Gamble
7 Keys to Building an Engaged Team

7 Keys to Building an Engaged Team

As a business consultant, I love being able to work not only with business owners but with their teams. I feel honored to work with high-performing teams, struggling teams, and sometimes even dysfunctional teams. And I LOVE them all! Teams are fascinating. A...

7 Signs Your Business is Poised for Growth

7 Signs Your Business is Poised for Growth

Navigating the journey of business growth is a nuanced process that evolves with time. While the startup phase lays the foundation, sustainable growth often happens at different stages. Knowing when to rev up your growth efforts requires a keen understanding of your...

nu-yar’s Strategic Planning Process

nu-yar’s Strategic Planning Process

I LOVE working on strategic planning with clients. In fact, over the last few years, strategic planning work makes up about half of my business. It’s an important process, one I feel honored to be part of. Companies often hire a consultant to help with the...

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